Day/Night Cycle and Lighting help

I’ve been having some issues with the Day / Night Cycle.
I’ve got the blue prints and everything linked, along with everything necessary for the cycle, but it’s still not working.
When I go in and set the time of day to 24:00 it is still day out. Also the clouds are not changing at all either, they stay that sunset orange, and no moon and stars.
What am I missing?

Notice the time stamp below

Also my shadows seem very strange, VERY METALLIC. Is this something to do with the Skylight?

See picture below:

Please send help.

I got same problems.

  1. look on which level your ocean is. The best oceanposition is anywhere at Z=-15000.
  2. check if your sun is “movable”.
  3. Put intensity of the sunlight on “30”

Last but not least, check if the daylightcycle is really linked right in the level blueprint and that you copy all needed objects from the original level.

Try to open the daylightcycle matinee and scrub around, to see if you linked the sun in the right way with the sky and the skylight.

Hope that helps.

Ran into this after setting the matinees, and trying to play in editor.