Day and night cycle Issue

I recently upgraded to patch 4.14 and with that I updated a project I’ve been working on. Today I was messing around with my day/night cycle and I found that it was doing this very interesting thing now (I say now, because I never noticed the issue before this and it never seemed to be there). I have the whole thing set up the way it’s shown here A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

Whats happening is that when the sun rises up towards -90 degrees to meet the top of the sky, it stops and freezes at -89.**** degrees. This number varies but its always -89. something. To be clear, the sun and the direction light stop rotating at this point.

Now, I found that by increasing the sun speed to like 10, the problem goes away and the light reaches -90 and continues on its path. But if I lower that sunspeed variable down, to slow the sun (for it to be more realistic), it always freezes at -89 degrees.

I never had this problem in patch 4.13 or before. So I wonder if this just started in this patch? Not sure what would be causing this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Use a timeline. it fixes it. I hade a similar problem with the sun too.

Hey thanks a bunch for the reply. I forgot to come back on here and update the post but I ended up just setting up a much more intricate day and night cycle using a level sequence. This way I can attach everything too it i.e. Fog, sunlight, moonlight, and anything else needed without having to spend much time setting up. Maybe I’ll go back and check out the timeline just to see it.