Day and night cycle - Free Download -

Day and night cycle

-Sky Blueprint

Download -

Type in the comments section more ideas to which project, pack, template and whatever else you want me to make next time on UE4, and I may do it!

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Amazing! Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot! :wink:

Many thanks! Really appreciate this as its simple and works right out of the box.
It took maybe 2 minutes to integrate. Suggested steps for quick install:

  1. Unrar, then copy the **Content **folder / **project **file into your own project.
  2. Copy the **DirectionalLight **and **SkySphere **to your own project (deleting existing).
  3. Open Sky Blueprint Class. Set the day night cycle speed by tweaking Day Length. (LHS of blueprint)

**Suggestion: **
Add a transitional Sun color change into the mix… Yellow (morning) … white(mid-day) … Orange (late afternoon) etc…

Nice idea I will consider doing it, thx!

Cool Zach!

Hey thanks a lot for this! I just wonder, isn’t it better (for performance) to use a timeline instead of an event tick?