DAWN OF THUNDER - Cinematic teaser for upcoming feature length movie

Very happy to see this movie being created. Your team is very talented and I can feel the energy and creativity you all are putting into this movie. Sango and the orishas are praised gods here in my country, Brazil, and mainly here in my state, Bahia. I thought about the fact that we don’t have much portrayls of african mythology as we have about greek, roman, egyptian or even viking. I myself intend to make a game for children using the yoruba orishas and elements so present in my culture as well. The beautiful and colorful african art and powweful african gods are incentives for creativity. Keep up with this good work. Can’t wait to see the movie done. Good luck and success.

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Thank you so much. Glad it resonates with you. We hope to have it in some Brazilian cinemas as well. Good luck with the game, its good to know there are others thinking in the same direction


This is what I’ve been waiting for.

This is Amazing. Kickstarter? If YES, I’m a Backer!

Hello, we will most likely start the kickstarter for a game of the project. Thanks