Dawn in the Lion's Pride Inn

Hi guys! I want to share with you my first work in UE4. It was a long journey and I’m happy with the result. The opportunities that engine give to artists are endless, but have some troubles with precomputed lighting though. Anyway I’ll stick with the engine from now on.
P.S. I want to thank Epic’s Team for creating UE4! :slight_smile:

Some additional stills and video on Artstation.

Hey that’s good :wink: If you had trouble with precomputed lighting, you could also have done it all with dynamic lighting since the scene isn’t very big…gg

Hi macoll! Thanks for comment :slight_smile: Yes after many attempts with precomputed lighting, I’ve done it all with dynamic.
Spent a lot of time trying to get good results with baked lighting and always light leaks happened after baking. I read many threads and tutorials about that, but nothing helped.

WOW :smiley:

Really nice work here!!!

Hey Stevelois! Thank you for appreciation :slight_smile:

I like it! Very nice!!