Dauntless/ Sea of thieves/ Northguard style character for the market place

I’d love to start a series of characters in similar painterly/ planer style like that seen in Dauntless, sea of thieves and northguard.


In a medieval fantasy setting and would like to discuss if anyone has an interest in such characters.


All kind of characters and styles I think are good for the marketplace! I would recommend that you 1st thing when you have something done to put it on Gumroad and offer this initial release at lower price, so you can collect cash to finance the remain of your work, while collecting user feedback to improve it (which you have to state this purpose btw). This version will receive several updates until your audience tell you it is good enough (but make sure to test animations, deformation etc, a good showcase video and pictures for the store). You might then follow the development of the remaining assets based on the experience gained and publish here.

Thanks for your advice. I will look into gumroad. You have to advertise your gumroad asset right?. There’s no marketplace/ search option?.

I do feel like the less generic the character, the less popular it will be. As it cannot be use for as many projects and will be so unique that it’ll be easily noticeable

There are no great discovery methods, but you can advertise your asset (even being on Gumroad) here, but state that it is in work in progress and you want user direct feedback through purchases there. Once you finish your products the ones which purchased it for less will be benefit for the discount and you for the early feedback. Later after you launch your assets here in the Marketplace you can ask the MP team to gift the people who purchased it on Gumroad, so they will receive the latest version here without the need to pay twice for it.