Dating mechanics+ Marriage = My head is about to blow up

I’m trying to implement a game with some rpg mechanics and dating mechanics. Im done pretty much almost everything regarding with rpg but i can’t even think of anything about dating. So anything, i mean any input will help me out. Btw im noob.

So here is what i’m trying to achieve …

If you give him/her a present it will increase affection >> after it reach certain points new dialogue options will open and that certain dialogue will lead to animation cutscene ( like dating at somewhere) >> after affections maxout, it will lead to marriage option in dialogue and that said npc will move into your house. She will be pregnant after that and child npc will spawn after certain day passes.

What part are you missing? If you’ve done the rest of the rpg, I’m assuming you’ve covered most of the concepts.

Basically, it all revolves around character variables, and functions connecting them.

Affection being a float ( or int ). After it reaches a certain level, the lines which allow marriage can be used in the dialog, etc.