DateTime - Any way of getting the day of the week?

I see there’s a DateTime structure which seems to implement everything you’d need for a calendar, EXCEPT I can’t find any way of getting the actual day of the week.

I found this description of an FDateTime struct:

It has a GetDayOfWeek() function but it doesn’t seem to be available in the editor. Was it removed for some reason? I know I could figure it out myself by using some known date + day, but I would have assumed there’d be a built-in function and the documentation seems to suggest there should be. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen functions in the documentation that weren’t in the editor; are some of them C++ only or something? I can’t think why they would be, but I can’t understand why functionality would be removed like that either so I dunno.

Unfortunately yes, it’s just not exposed as a blueprint node. There are lots of functions that are C++ only. For a rough list of blueprint functions you can check the blueprint node reference in the docs. Here’s the date time list: Sadly it looks like GetDayOfWeek is one of the few they left out.

It’s certainly possible to expose other C++ functions to blueprints yourself. I haven’t done it myself so I can’t say, but I get the impression it’s not terribly difficult.

Very interesting… that’s kind of annoying.

Thanks for the info, I might just ignore weekdays for the foreseeable future or expose it to Blueprints if it seems straightforward…