Datateable Madness

I have created a local datatable to hold values for a local struct (nothing is coming in from an external source) which holds basic propery values for various aspects of my widget UI elements.

My Blueprint has a visible variable that holds a reference to this datatable.

The code works good until I change any values in the datatable (and save), but the new values are not updating to my blueprint.

To get the new values to work, I have to manually clear the reference variable in the details pane with my object selected, and drag my datatable over the slot (green) every time I update the datatable… Then my new values will propagate to the blueprint.

I tried clearing the variable permanently, and have it set when the blueprint constructor runs, but this did not work either.

Any ideas?

Datatables in vanilla UE4 are statically imported, so updating the CSV from outside of the engine will not update it in game. You must manually reimport it (the easiest way being a right-click on the data table object in the asset browser and choosing “Reimport”).

I created Runtime DataTable to solve this issue. There’s a link in my sig if you’re interested. It will import a CSV and make a proprietary Data Table-like object while the game is running. Optionally you can load the table from Google Sheets if your game is connected to the internet.

i will check out your link when im back at the pc, but i want to stress that this is a datatable i created inside the unreal editor, there are no external files. does this not work either?

My mistake, I misunderstood. Now THAT should definitely work - I’d write a ticket at Answerhub for this. That sounds like a bug.