DataTable Structure Changes Causes UE4 to Crash (4.25.3)

Hi all,

I’m wondering if someone can give me some advice as I have to assume I am just doing this entirely wrong.

I use 3 Structures which form the basis of my DataTable, as an example;


  • ID
  • Name
  • Questions (array of Question Structures)


  • ID
  • Text
  • Answers (array of Answer Structures)


  • ID
  • Text
  • IsCorrect

Whenever I make changes to any of these structures, UE4 will just crash, sometimes quickly, sometimes it takes ages before it finally closes, presumably writing some kind of dump in the background.

It makes developing my currently project which is using the data to drive UI a real P.I.T.A to work with.

In the changes I just made I removed a field from the Answer Structure and it actually didn’t crash. Then I made a subsequent change to the Question Structure and it did crash. In the past I’ve made other changes and have lost all of the data stored within.

So, am I doing something wrong here? Am I not supposed to edit a Structure that is being referenced by a DataTable? If not, what is the approach to being able to still “develop” in this “development” environment? Should I simply export all of the data from the datatable, delete the datatable, make changes to the Structures, re-create the datatable and then manually edit all of the data in the hope that I can then re-import it? Feels like a ball-ache.

Would really appreciate some direction here. I come from a background where my data is stored in a relational database and I simply “connect” to it and my queries will populate my datatable, defined in my classes, I haven’t encountered this level of flakeyness before, so in the first instance, I’m assuming that it is myself that is at fault. I would like to correct my fault :slight_smile:

Any info appreciated.