DataTable polymorphism crashes editor


Quick bug report with an easy repro-case.

  1. Create a struct (struct A) which inherits from FTableRowBase, put some variable(s) in it (c++).
  2. Create another struct (struct B) that inherits from struct A and put some variable(s) in it (c++).
  3. Open the unreal editor and create a new DataTable asset, and inherit from struct B.
  4. Add a row and change any of struct A’s variables, then save. It crashes 100% of the time.

Thank you.


Thanks for the bug report.

I managed to reproduce this in 4.7, and it seems to be hitting the assert in SRowEditor::OnFinishedChangingProperties.

I can confirm that this has already been fixed for 4.8 (in fact, that code no longer exists) as part of the data table editor improvements that are coming in the next version.