I hope you can understand my blueprint, if so you know why my static mesh does not move according to the coordinates of my data table

Thank you :slight_smile:

  • debug the data to see what values we’re actually sending; my bet is that you’re sending incorrect / unexpected values
  • you’re mixing world and relative coordinates, too, for example; without knowing the hierarchies, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on
  • are you sure you want multiply here?
  • I’ve assumed the DT value is valid and this triggers, does it?
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In my message log After I have closed the programme, only this message appears:
Blueprint runtime error: ‘Accessed None tried to read the property Target’. Node: Set Start X-Movement Diagram: EventGraph Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Platform Blueprint: BP_Platform

It means this is a null variable:


Creating a variable does not create an actor. You must tell the editor which actor you’d like this variable to refer to. Imagine you had 3 actors, which one do you mean?

Are both, the actor whose script you’re showing and the actor you’d like to move, already in the scene?


Yes they are both in the scene.

  • flag this variable as:

  • in the scene, select the actor with the script and:

You can indicate which actor instance this variable refers to.

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Now I can finally move the disc with my coordinates thank you very much you have really saved me

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