DataTable lose Texture2d path when I packing to android

Hi Guys

I’m still working on a HotSpot system, in this system the values appear on the scene when the viewer looks at the object, which is transparent and when they look at it makes a play on animation Widget3d and after that to look it out, back to be transparent.

Use a DataTable that system to make it easier to choose which image to use, because they have several hotspots in the scene and each has its content. This DataTable has 3 fields: ID, Name, and the path to Texture2D. That is nothing more than the path to the asset that exists in the project.

When play in the editor, everything works fine, but when I do the packing for Android, it does not appear and is a white square, which is when the system does not think the Asset.

Another problem I detected is that when I leave the project, and close the editor, and I will open the project again the path field is empty.

Has anyone experienced this, you know how to solve?