DataTable Context String

Hello, I created a DataTable based on a UStruct and I’m retrieving the values of it using the following code:

FPlayerStats* Row = DataTable->FindRow<FPlayerStats>(FName("Row1"), FString(""));
	FString output = FString::FromInt((*Row).XpToLevel);
	GLog->Log("XP to Level: " + output);

	output = FString::SanitizeFloat((*Row).Health);
	GLog->Log("Health :" + output);

The above code works just fine, however I would like to know what the Context String is on the FindRow function and when / how to use it. I’ve already searched the UE API and ended up here - which didn’t really answer my question.

Thank you in advance!


The context string is just used by the warnings that FindRow emits should something go awry when trying to find your row.