DataTable Array defaults not updating

I have a static array of data tables where i set the default values in the editor
Problem is i cant make changes to the arrays default values.
It prints the values that were set when i first compiled the blueprint
Deleting the variable, and replacing it with a new array of a different name works but then i have to replug all references of the variable
Bug right?

steps to reproduce:
create empty blueprint
create a data table array in the variables
set some default values
run a for each loop that prints the array elements display name
change the default values and compile
run again and the values should not be changed

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Is there this symbol on you placed actor after you change the default values?

If yes click it after changing fuff in the blueprint

(Hopefully i understood the problem)

This kind of solved my problem.
I had the array in an actor component bp
and setting the variables in the parent actor works properly
though i didnt see any refresh icon so that the variable can be set in the component bp without issues?

maybe, but should be but im not the one programming it :man_shrugging:

So it is a bug?
right now im using the component actor to handle game objectives and the component is held in the player pawn
this way i can keep all the data tables, ui elements and everything together and it easier for me to parse lol
Im still figuring out the best way to do things though so maybe its not meant to be handled like that?

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