Datasmith workflow for multiple import

Hi there! I’m starting with Datasmith. So I’m on a appartment project that is not finished yet. I first imported the walls, ceilings, floors and main furniture with Datasmith. The problem is that I will then often import other things or change other furniture.

I’ll admit that being new to not only Unreal Engine but also Datasmith, there are some things that I can’t quite grasp, like file management.

So here is for example what I get in my tree when I do my first import:

“LeChamp” is the name of my .udatasmith file. So far, no problem. However, when I do another import later, this is what I get:

“supp” (for supplement) is my second import file.

As you can see, it creates a second tree structure for me, but I would simply like to combine the three Datasmith folders (Geometries / Materials / Textures) without it creating a new tree structure every time.

I later tried to move the folders, but most of the time it doesn’t work because it loses all links between the assets …

I don’t know if I was clairn but please help me :frowning:

Hey npelouin !

Dataprep is your answer here, you can add multiple files to your Daataprep Recipe, and import everything into one datasmith scene in Unreal. :slight_smile:


For more on Dataprep, have a look at our docs > Dataprep Import Customization in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation


Hi Antoine! Sorry for the late, but I’m happy with your answer! I’m go to try this as soon as possible :wink:
Thank you very much!

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