Datasmith updates not working if Datasmith file was imported to any level besides the Main

I’ve got a scene in Max. I can move an object, re-export my DS file and Re-import in UE4, object doesn’t move. If I delete the folder in Unreal and Import the DS file from scratch, it comes in with the object moved. The help documents state that moving this object should carry over through the import, right?

How is this possible? I’m not on version control, I am using levels and I have the DS file on it’s own level, but I’m making that level Active before attempting the re-import. Is this tool rock-solid right now or are others having issues as well?

DS is also not removing deleted objects. If I delete an object in 3ds Max and re-export, I need UE4 to delete it from my scene. Can anyone confirm that this is currently working functionality in Datasmith?

Lastly, it’s not adding new objects. If I copy an object in Max and re-export, the copy doesn’t appear in DS unless I delete the entire folder and import from scratch.

Are you using the actual “reimport” workflow or are you just importing the same file twice? Why don’t you give steps to duplicate.

Ken - I discovered the issue. Datasmith is working fine unless you import the DS file on a new level. In this case, all functionality of adding, deleting, or moving objects ceases to work (however mesh editing updates do come through). When this same file is moved to the starting level and re-imported, ALL edits come through.

Steps to Duplicate:
1.) Make UE4 project.
2.) Open Levels window and create new level
3.) Set new level as Active.
4.) Import Datasmith file as normal.
5.) Make adjustments to source file (move objects, delete objects, add objects) and re-export datasmith file.
6.)Right click datasmith file in UE4 and choose “Reimport”. Changes do not show up in UE4.

7.) Select the datasmith root and actors in the World Outliner and move them to the main level. Reimporting now works and the scene matches your source file (proving levels are the culprit)

I would like to have my Datasmith files on separate levels so different artists can work on them and we can stream them all into a persistent level.

We are working on some new collaborative workflows for the Editor, but I think they are in 4.22. The good news is that we’re very serious about improving collaboration in the Editor.

Excellent to hear, thanks for the quick replies Ken. We will work around as best we can until these roll out.

That should be all working as you want already. What version are using? We ha designed the system to work with levels, sub levels etc as you describe so what you experience is quite strange.

Hi Pierre,

I have tested this morning on my home PC and I encounter the same issue. I am in UE 4.20.3, 3ds Max 2018 with the Datasmith plugin 4.20E4 exporter. The issue is repeatable for me by following the steps listed above. As I saw previously, the re-import workflow is fine when I have imported my DS file on the main level, but objects cease to update in UE4 on re-import when they are on any other level. Geometry changes are fine so I know the new meshes are being imported by UE4 but moving, adding or removing objects isn’t reflected. If I open the DS file in notepad I see the changes as well, so I don’t think it’s an export problem.

I have a suspicion the issue lies in ‘Sync Current Level Actors - Datasmith Scene Actors’ checkbox on Re-import. The tooltip states “Specifies whether or not to update scene actors in the current level” but it’s behaving as though I have the wrong level active (meaning meshes import but actors aren’t synced). I do have the new level active and I can turn that level on/off and see the DS actors disappear and reappear so I know they are on that level.

If it helps I could record my screen as I go through this process and upload the video?

HI there Thank you for posting,

I can reproduce your issue.
We are aware of this behavior and are looking at ways to make it better and more user friendly.

Here’s a work around:
When you say : Imported onto a new level and try to re-import from the Datasmith Scene.
→ Nothing happen ( we see this as well)

Try In the World Outliner , Select DatasmithSceneActor would want to Update
In the Detail pane find the Datasmith Tab
Hit Update Actor From Scene.
This should do the trick.

Thank you

That completely works. So simple. That’s the functionality that right-clicking the DS objects in the content browser and selecting Re-Import needs to call. Works on a streamed level and everything.

Yes, although it a bit trickier: when invoking from the ds asset, we need to find the root actors . When invoked from the root actor itself, well you found it for us :)… not impossible, we just need to spend a bit of time on it.