Datasmith update failed IS-MF02-05


I’m using Unreal 4.2.1 im trying to update data smith but i always get this error code IS-MF02-5

any idea why ?


Hi Koin.

I believe that error code is related to the one detailed here:

The simple answer is that you can’t update the software when you have it open and running. Exit the Unreal Editor then try again.


Hi Stephen,

thanks for your help, though i made sure that unreal is close while i try to update the plugin,it didn’t work, anyways i fixed the problem by deleting the plugin and reinstall it again

Thanks again

I have the same problem.

now I can’t open anything because datasmith fails to initialize, and I can’t uninstall datasmith, it says I don’t have any plugins installed, and I can’t install datasmith, says it’s already installed or something. already tried reinstalling the whole unreal editor, didn’t work

correction: uninstalled everything again and tried installing again, it worked.