Datasmith?Unable to "Enable Entitlements" (i.e. don't know how to make Subscription Status 'Active')

Basically, I’m trying to add Datasmith, and according to the instructions on “Downloading and Installing Datasmith” (link below) my subscription status should appear as ‘active’ (it doesn’t appear at all) or I should be able to download the plugin manually from the Library (there is no such option, and even searching “Datasmith” in the Marketplace yields 0 resulst). This is becoming frustrating for something that should be very straightforward. Any clarification or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi CLewis.

It seems you have not registered for the free Unreal Studio Beta yet. This is a requirement in order to use the Datasmith plugin.

You can sign up for the beta from here: Datasmith - Unreal Engine