Datasmith UE5.03 Inventor 2022 Subassembly File Processing Failure

Hi, I’m trying to use DataSmith to import a simple assembly with multiple subassemblies under it, but only certain subassemblies get imported. This assembly was created with Inventor 2022. I have found that if I delete the model states in Inventor for the subassemblies that did not import when I reimport the top level all of the assemblies import successfully. I have not been able to figure out why only certain subassemblies have this issue as some assemblies with model states import just fine.

I’m using 5.03. My import settings are Process Geometry and Materials&Textures, Chord Tolerance: 0.2cm, Max Edge: 0cm, normal Tolerance: 20deg, Stitching Technique: Stitching Sew.

My Output.log says “LogDatasmithDispatcher: Error: File processing failure: [name of the failed file].iam”

Any suggestions for debugging? Thanks in advance!

Hello Loram,
by any change would you be able/allowed to share your model files with us so I can have our CAD expert look at it?

If yes please send me the link in a private message. I can also give you a box link where you could upload your model to.