Datasmith sketchup exporter for Unreal 4.25 not showing after installed on Sketchup PRO 2017

Good day guys, As I said, installed the Datasmith Exporter for unreal 4.25 in Sketchup 2017 but when I go to export or I look for in in the extension manager in Sketchup it doesn’t show up…any clues of what could be happening? thank you!!

Did you find a solution? Could really appreciate some help!! Thanks :slight_smile:

It seems the exporter only support SketchUp Pro 2019 to 2022.

the solution for me was the fact that you can’t export like you see in the tutorials anymore (meaning file → export → datasmith. when you enabled datasmith in the sketchup settings, you get 4 new buttons in the top menu that you can export files with.