Datasmith Runtime Materials


i’ve been testing the datasmith runtime pipeline in 4.27 the last couple of days and i’m super impressed by the functionality available in the current collaboration template. Direct Link and file loading seem very snappy and stable, even with highly complex CAD source data. Great work @epic!

I am curious though regarding how materials can be handled. Material parameters like color and roughness/glossiness are recognized coming from source apps like rhino, which is great, but I would like to assign custom materials through unreal blueprint. I haven’t yet found a way to achieve that, so i for some of you to point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Hello a_prototype,

thank you for the comments on the runtime import, my colleague shared it with the team.
Regarding your materials, just make sure you import the model with most or all the product scene. Then you can walk through the static mesh actors attached to your runtime actor and replace materials as you would do in a normal application.