Datasmith Runtime - Imported Actors is neither visible or accessible

Hi, when I import a Datasmith file in runtime the model i shown and rendered but I can’t access or even list the imported Actors this makes the actors hard to manipulate or interact with. Is this just temporary and will be fixed or bug since it work in UE4?

Hi Jonas !

What version of the engine are you using ?

In 4.27 we added full hierarchy to the imported Datamith scenes at runtime.


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I am using 5.0 EA2

And I know it works in 4.27 :slight_smile:


UE5.0 EA2 is actually behind 4.27 in terms of features, and was branched from 4.26… hence why you dont have the scene hierarchy with Datasmith Runtime !

I would suggest building your own UE5-main from github if you want to use UE5, or use 4.27 while waiting for 5.0 to be released.