Datasmith Rhino import errors - improper scaling

Hi Folks. I have a Rhino 7 file that I’m using with UE4 2.54.4 (the version compatible with Chaos Group’s V-Ray for UE4).

I’m importing a simple ArchViz model, but getting really screwy scaling on some, but not all, of the building.

You can see the import, below - the window frames are huge; if I scale them down to 0.082 they are roughly the right size. They are also translated.

Any ideas how to fix this?

If I export from Rhino as FBX, it comes through more or less correctly but the materials aren’t nearly as good.

             == John ==
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No one?

It’s clearly a bug in Datasmith.

Hello JGWinner,
are you importing the .3dm file directly in UE?
If so I believe we only support up to version 6.

And there is also a export to udatasmith route but the support for Rhino 7 will not come before UE4.27.

Can you share the model with us? you can reach out to me directly at flavien.picon at epicgames dot com

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