DataSmith Revit 2020

Have any prevision for the lauch of UnrealDataSmith for Revit 2020?
Thank you!

it’s being looked at right now. a couple weeks

Thank you!

That’s awesome ! Just installed Revit 2020 products and itching to work with Unreal. Thanks again !

Any chance to have multiline support in the Metadata, actually seems that the parameter was truncated at the end of the first line. Maybe I do something wrong but not find anything on that matter either in documentation or googling around. Thanks

can you show an example? how long is that string?

Currently I work on a virtual viewer for electrical projects of our firm, usually we put an istance parameter about the list of cables (number, type, diameter, ect.) that run on every part of round/square conduit, cable tray, etc. We use a Multiline parameter as Istance in Revit that work very well for schedules. For the past we use a max of five line but for complex or big building the need is for a little more (10-20). Our goal is to have a simple method to help the workers about what is needed on costruction/deploiment phase instead of huge sheet of paper.

P.S. Sorry for the italian interface of the screen grab

Hi! I see . Our metadata is handling key value pairs at this point. A workaround for you could be to extract the data in a table (csv or json) and fetch it based on unique IDS but I haven’t tried it so maybe its not going to work either (due to the formatting options embedded into the text)

Maybe is possible but the workflow to update the model is too long for my taste.
Any chance for the Datasmith exporter to implement a conversion of the multiline to a sigle with some character code for the carriage return, line break or whatever Revit Use?
With a Value like test1<BR>test2<BR>test3 I can easily use Replace o Parse Into Array to handle those string in multiple line.
I don’t know if the value of metadata have some sort of character lenght limit.

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