Datasmith Plugin exporting huge folder

So I have a 3ds Max file which is 180 Mb in size and the Maps folder is 340 Mb but when I use the datasmith exporter plugin, it creates a folder that is 8.09 Gb in size.
When I checked that folder the assets are only 420 Mb in size. Rest is Jpeg and TGA files. The TGA files are alone 7.5 Gb.

What to do to get a reasonablee size?
Please take a look at these images to understand what I have noticed. Check the carpet material and then see how datasmith has created 4 big sized TGA files for these colorcorrected maps. It also created a jpeg for normal map.

I think I need to remake the materials so as not to have colorcorrections applied to my materials.
Also I manually made all of the maps 2K in size but these TGA files are 4K. How come?