Datasmith Plugin crashes 3ds Max during startup?


Since last week 3ds Max would no longer start on my computer.
I’m still on Win7 Pro / 3ds Max 2016 / Datsmith 4.21
We are using Max 2016 version only with Unreal and to export 2016 files to fbx.

Max crashes during startup while the status says that its loading the datasmith plugin.
I tried a reboot - same problem.
Then I deinstalled datasmith plugin and now Max is starting fine again.

Is that a known problem?
Should I just switch to 4.24 or will this mess with the projects I created with 4.21?

Thanks for your help!

It was working fine before. We did a test project last year with Unreal / Datasmith 4.21.
Scince then I only used Max 2016 occasionally to open/export files.
Untill last week it started just fine - no changes on the program / system scince then.

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