-Datasmith Plugin caused this issue- iOS Project stops running after multiple projects are installed

I’m new to iOS development and I’m clearly doing something wrong.

After following the iOS quick-start guide I got a test application up and running, and then a second, then a third. But the previous projects, and any new projects I add, have stopped running on the iPad I’m using. I don’t get an error message, just a quick flash of the unreal 4 default splash-screen and then it closes.

I’m sure it is a permission/certificate issue. I was able to get a new project to work, but it broke the previous one, and I’m not sure what I did differently.

Can anyone help, this issue is infuriating! I’m used to Android letting me put whatever I want on it without any trouble.

I’m building on a PC (blueprint only) and using remote build to compile the projects. That side of things seems to be working fine.

Thanks in advance!

It turned out it was the Datasmith plugin causing the issue! I installed it for a different project and it adds its self by default once installed, causing my old projects to stop working.

There is nothing in the build log to suggest this will this was the issue, it might be worth adding this caveat to some of the Datasmith documentation

Great job , i had projects that close suddenly , with the same characteristics ill check if datasmith is the problem.

I´ll let you know!

Validated , Datasmith Importer Prevented my app to start for ARKit too.