Datasmith plug-in is missing?

I’ve installed epic launcher and Unreal 4.22.3 on a new machine and I am unable to access Datasmith at all. Under “Unreal Studio Beta” the subscription status for Unreal Studio Beta is “Active” and I can select the “Get” for Exporter Plugins but there is no option to download Datasmith plugin manually anywhere. This works fine on my main work machine same login account. Can Datasmith only be installed/accessed on one machine at a time?

imo this cant be happen. for example u have purchased few plugins and u have multiple systems same account login. things likely to work. i have i7 and i9 and same account login on both. i have no problem. its not like windows OS licence. here is download link- Datasmith - Unreal Engine

Here are images of what I’m seeing. First image is when I click on installed plugins. No option to install it manually…

This was due to a conflict with your company’s access. You’re welcome to send me a private message here if you’d like more information, but I’ve taken care of the problem for you now. (log out and back in on launcher).


Well something just MAGICALLY happened… A minute after posting here it just appeared.

Thank you . Just got it!

No problem. I make MAGIC happen. :cool:

i have same problem, an d i am tryin to slove it for hours. any help please?