Datasmith on SketchUp Pro 2021

Is there any way to install Datasmith on SketchUp Pro 2021? It seems that the installer does not detect the current version.

Hey SupremeOrder,

Sorry to see you’re having trouble with this. There have been some others with similar issues. I hope this thread will help you!

Hi Sam, looks like I will have to wait for an updated version.

Looks like Unreal have updated their datasmith exporter programs for all other modelling software but they appear to be behind on Sketchup 2021 for some reason. Would be nice to know when this will be available as we currently cannot export datasmith files unless we use an older version of Sketchup.

Just downloaded Data Smith and Unreal, wont import SU2021, Twinmotion there is a work around, but not 2021, seems all the big boys have had an update?

Just following up on this: My firm’s license for 2020 expired as we are on subscription and have moved to 2021, so now I no longer have the ability to get files into unreal. SU 2021 is three months old now, do we have a timeline on a datasmith update?

Please EPIC respond to us!! Is there any plan to have Datasmith for Sketchup 2021??

Hello all,
the team tells me Exporter Sketchup 2021 is planned for 4.27 release. So a couple more months at the moment.

Hey everyone, we posted recently in the other primary thread concerning Sketchup 2021. Still, to ensure everyone gets visibility, we wanted to update this one too.

The team is currently working on a fix outside of our normal release schedule to resolve any work stoppages and unblock them ASAP. Once there is more news, we will update you all. And again, we humbly apologize for the inconvenience/work stoppage this has caused.


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Any news on the issue yet? We have work to do and this issue is getting us behind! Please respond ASAP! We need to know how to plan our projects. Thank you.

4.27 P1 is out today, you can go and download the updated exporters. The Sketchup one should support 2021. Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine