Datasmith not working 4.19.20

When I try to install it it says “Already Installed in all Engines”, also it doesn’t show in the installed plugins zone, it worked great on the Unreal 4.19 version…

Hi nicolas.

Let us know if either of these articles help:

Hi thanks, its working now, I use “”, > Edit > Plugins > Unreal Studio > Convert Project & Restart…

I know its a year later but no one else is helping with this so,This no longer works, its redirected to a url that has nothing about datasmith. My plugin is enabled, but don’t recall ever getting any info about converting current project to unreal studio.
Didn’t work in 4.23 either.

Whats going on ?

Please provide more details on your Answerhub post (Datasmith options missing in 4.21 - UE4 AnswerHub) and i’ll be happy to help troubleshoot.