Datasmith not combining meshes from groups/components - Sketchup

Datasmith is not combining meshes from groups/components, as specified in the documentation, thus leaving me with a HUGE number of meshes and slowing down tasks like importing, saving and baking lights.

The file in question gives 92K actors in Unreal 4-5. The same file gives me 27K actors when importing through Twinmotion.

Can anyone help me?

Can you give a link towards “combining meshes from groups/components, as specified in the documentation” ?

The two things I would look at is:

  • did you use instancing as much as possible
  • you might need to use some dataprep recipe to merge elements on import base on rules

Using Datasmith with SketchUp Pro | Unreal Engine Documentation

As said, under “Converting Geometry into Static Meshes”:

“Datasmith divides your SketchUp geometry into Static Mesh assets by combining all connected polygon faces that are in the same component or group, into a single Static Mesh. Knowing this strategy can help you influence the Static Meshes it creates.”

I believe instancing is fine, as Twinmotion reads it correctly…

I could do Skp > Twinmotion > Unreal, but the problem is that Twinmotion messes UVs up, so it’s too much rework to fix it

" * you might need to use some dataprep recipe to merge elements on import base on rules"

I’m not sure how to do that, would appreciate any help


Hi TeteusBR !

Sketchup mesh exports can be a bit of a mess right now, but we are looking into improving this in a future release.

In the meantime, using Dataprep is a good solution.

Here’s our documentation page for Dataprep : Dataprep Import Customization in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

A simple recipe/logic would be to filter objects you want to merge together (usually by getting the name of the upmost parent, or filtering it with metadata/tags), then selecting the whole children actor hierarchy, then merging those objects together, as following :


Hope this helps !


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Hello, Antoine

Thanks for getting back to me

I’ll give it a look as soon as possible. Hope you guys can improve it soon

Keep up the good work,