Datasmith Max Exporter 4 26 2 Max 2021 error

I used to have this same error with an old version of 3D Max, then some one shared a different installer.
Now I am in 3Ds Max 2021, tryed to install the latest data smith and it just can’t. I don’t have any oher of Data smith installed on this 3DsMax version. your help is appreciated.

Please guys I need with this, I used to have the same error with an earlier version, someone posted a custom installer that work.
Why this error shows??
Any support from the team??

Hello fco3d,
have you tried putting the msi in another folder and launching install again?
Can you try to run with msiexec /i “name_of_your_msi” /l*vx install.log and check in the log for more details?