Datasmith > MAX export / import workflow

Hi have some questions when you export out max with datasmith and group a mesh. For example a Chair which has a some parts. Do you group all the parts of the chair or
do you attach them together as one single mesh first? Which workflow is recommended? Or can you have grouped mesh and merge as actor?

How does Datasmith handle instances in 3ds max to Unreal? If I have a cabinet with shelfs and export out from Max using Datasmith. Is that correct.

If you have Datasmith scene in Unreal and want to change the position of the stair in the unreal this if the position in Unreal and not the position perhaps in your max scene.
if you export your Max scene the chair position is diffrent then in you’re Unreal scene. Is it possible to ignore the position of the chair in Unreal? Or is this fixed?

Thanks so much.