Datasmith Layer - Toggle visibility on and off via blueprint commands?

Hi, i am new to unreal datasmith but learned a lot the last weeks. Now i came to a situation, where i can´t find a solution.
There are Datasmith layers in my scene and the they are named correctly. There is a furniture layer with all the furniture inside. I can then toggle it on and off in the editor.
But i want to do it in a blueprint. There are “add components” datasmith layer and datasmith selector in the blueprint editor, but how to use it correct?

I can´t find where to select the layer-name in the blueprint when adding the datasmith layer component. I have success to toggle visibility on and off with static meshes and blueprints, but
with datasmith layer it would be a huge timesaver as they already comes in with the import from 3dsmax. One klick and all furniture is gone, instead of turn on/off individual. A nightmare
with 1000 objects like decors to define it in blueprint.

Hopefully someone knows where to find the solution for this. I searched google and forum, but can only find documentation on layer, sadly they don´t talk about much on blueprint functions.

Thanx a lot for your support.