Datasmith into blank template?

Is there a way to get the Import Datasmith File Button when loading from a blank template? I am wanting to use other blueprints that seem to clash in the navigation with the productviewertools element in the scene it seems to affect things more deeply than my novice skills can comprehend…

If I use a blank template I can bring in the controls and that I want but I need to be able to load the datasmith file and that can only be done through the productviewer template.

If you go here and scroll about halfway down it walks you through how to add the datasmith plugin to other UE4 projects.

spazfirem is correct.

The process is also explained more directly here:

Note, that in the upcoming 4.20 release, this will no longer be an issue (if installed to the engine, Datasmith will be available in all project types)

Thankyou spazfirem and Stephen. This is very helpful. Datasmith is such a time saver!