Datasmith imports materials with many additional nodes - any way to import only textures connected to material node?

Hello there,

please I need an advice. When I export material from 3Ds Max via Datasmith into Unreal Engine 4, imported materials contains lots of different nodes and the prepared material does look like nothing I build for the object before combining in slate material editor in 3Ds Max. Is there any way how to export material to result only in set of texture samples connected to coresponding slots in UE4 material editor? I could set these manually ofc, but when I have huge volume of materials and import everything with Datasmith, I will need to fix each material separatelly which is very bad and time consuming. Each type of 3Ds Max material creates a lot of new nodes in UE4 after import, like many mathematical functions etc. I understand this is how Datasmith reads 3Ds Max materials, like physicalised material, vray material, Scanline, all of them. Is there some hidden material in 3Ds Max I can use for simple export? I just need the material to be simply imported as I prepared it, not enriched for another 20 nodes making it totally different material.

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I’ll bump this thread. Maybe this behaviour will be improved in new datasmith and UE 5.1 ?

please, share some advices, workflows etc.

A lot of additional nodes are not only making shaders look overcomplicated, but also affect on performance.

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