Datasmith imports are cloning each StaticMeshActor and making it the child of an Actor

As of UE 4.24.1, I am getting an issue importing CREO files into UE4 via datasmith. Files that previously imported fine are now coming in with each StaticMeshActor as the child of an unused Actor (see comparison picture, ignore the goofy names as its proprietary stuff). This did not happen on 4.23, and I can’t find a setting to change it. Any advice besides this link would be appreciated, as it is no longer a supported page as far as i can tell. Thanks!



Did you find help to fix your issue, and what was the solution ?

Do you still have the issue MFB78? The expected behaviour of datasmith import is to preserve the hierarchy you get in the CAD package. It could be interesting you show us the difference of product tree between your CAD package and UE so we double check it is what we expect.

You could write a blueprint/python script that parse your hierarchy and reattached staticmesh actors one level up and delete last node.