Datasmith importing animation

I’m a novice with Unreal but many years using 3ds. When using datasmith to import animations. Each actor has to be relink to the animation with sequencer or blueprint. Is that right?

When you import the model through datasmith, you should get actors spawn into the level and a level sequence that contains animation binded to the actors in the level.
Sequences, as level variants, uses link to actors in a specific level. If you spawn the datasmith scene in another level then the animation tracks will need to be linked again against the actors in the new level.

my actors are never linked with datasmith. If I import a fbx they are. I’m sure I’m missing something. Every tutorial I’ve seen only shows static objects getting imported from 3ds to unreal with datasmith.

But on import you get an animation folder containing the level sequence in the folder where you did the import?
You get tracks in this sequence and those tracks are just not linked to actors?

Could you show a screenshot of the sequence and your world outliner?

Neverminded you’re 100 percent right. I needed to recreate my file. I think my issue was on my old file I delete my actor out of the world outliner and when I reimported the datasmith the animation wasn’t link to the new import, Of course this when I was looking into the animation file. So just a just a novice mistake

Happy you got it sorted.