Datasmith import makes all my scene brighter, almost white

Hello, my name is and I am having a trouble when importing files into my scene.

I am working with Unreal 4.24.3 and 3dsMax with Datasmith. When I had Unreal 4.21 everithing was fine, but now in 4.24.3 when I import a datasmith file it makes all my scene brighter, almost white. I have turned off import lights, I just bring geometry, textures and materials. I have tried everything I know, tried to import another file, activate lights, deactivate them, import vray mats or import standard mats… but nothing works!

I have change the exposure of the PostProcessVolume, but it’s fake because it makes me turn down too much the compensation so it doesnt works really.

If someone can help me I’d be really grateful!

hi, this might help you. and in post process keep min max expo to 1.

Hi! I made this change and build again the scene and It does get better with that, thank you very much! Really!

welcome. i have youtube channel, if u subscribe it will be appriciated. :slight_smile:

Be aware that “Difuse Boost” in Lightmass settings to be 1. By some reason (bad click bad mouse movement) I had a value of 2. It was a nightmare until I saw it.