DataSmith import issues

Hi everyone!

I have been using Studio since its release and I have to say that I am very excited about the results I´ve got so far and also a bit disappointed while I’m performing different tasks. I´d like to bring up some issues I had for a while and I can´t seem to fix no matter what I do:

  • When I export an object with a custom collision in it previously created inside 3Ds Max and properly named (SM_Box to SM_UCX_Box) to Datasmith and import it into UE, just an empty actor is imported into the scene so I have to manually add collision to all my objects again. I checked the documentation and it clearly says that DataSmith supports collision geometry and it will be imported into the scene as long as it’s properly named, why is not working for me? Am I doing something wrong?
  • I love the Substance Live Plugin. One of my favorite workflows is to export a mesh from inside the content browser to Substance Painter and start texturing. But using this approach for low poly meshes has been a nightmare. The mesh exports properly from UE to Substance Painter but when I bake the maps using a high poly mesh exported as FBX from 3DS Max, the baking result is not the desired one and the reason behind is because the exported model from UE to SP has different coordinates than the high poly one. Does anyone know a workaround to this? The only way I found for now is to export the high poly centered at 0,0,0 but its time consuming with a lot of different meshes.
  • I also noticed a downgrade on the frame rates when imported a single datasmith file with around 20 different meshes and one spotlight into. From my custom settings at 120fps to 18-30fps without materials applied to them, this makes it impossible to use with VR. Is anyone having the same issues?

Any help would be much appreciated.

For the collisions, report a bug:
Report Unreal Studio bugs here:

Can’t help with Substances.

For performance, you’re not providing enough information to give you any help. You’re comparing “something” to a DS import. How big are the meshes? What’s your hw?

The documentation say “if a convex geometry object exists in the scene with the same name as another object, but with the **prefix **UCX_ added to the name, Datasmith will consider this UCX_ object to be the collision representation of the other object” so that would be SM_Box → UCX_SM_BOX