Datasmith import GLTF:The static network body is lost

When I was use DataSmith import the GLTF model into UE4,
some of the actor such like this one will be lost the static network body,
and the log is import that:

Mesh has primitives with no materials assigned

so it make my model incomplete,
The model was exported from Blender,
This has been worrying me for days,
I hope some brothers can help me quickly,thanks!
And best wishes!
wall.glb (42.0 KB)

I had solve my question
the reason why I can’t import and show my GLTF model complete is my wall lack of the material picture,
some material in blender will not import with picture ,
it only has the pure color ,
so that when import this model into UE4,
the model like the wall which lack of the material picture,
it can’t place and show normally in UE4,
so,we just need to add the material picture in blender before we import the model to UE4,
alsoly, we can use blender plug-in capabilities to batch processing the model,
it can solve our unnecessary fault.
thanks a lot!
hope this topic will help for you ,
and hope you can have a smooth development path!
Good luck!