DataSmith Import From Skecthup Ends Up With Multi Materials

Dear All,
When I import a model from SketchUp, say a single model such as laptop, I usually end up with multi grouped and multi materials in UE editor asset, which is totally redundant. For such a small laptop only 4-5 materials and at max. 10 group of static mesh is enough to model in SU and import to UE. Regarding that video Great Things happen With UE and Sketch Up it is not abnormal to have such large number of groups in model, but for sake of managability I would like to have more concise and compacted materials and static mesh set. So how am I supposed to do it?

I tried to reduce materials in SU up to 10 but when import it with DataSmith then I again end up with 100 materials for objects, am I interpreting something differently or is it the normal workflow?

Well l I noticed that it wasn’t SU malfunction of creating multi materials for imported meshes It originally comes with one material per component, which s quite normal. The thing that makes the one static mesh with multi material is the edit that I made to convert those objects to static material in object browser. That actually forces the components to be combined and materials as well. So I would like to know if it’s more elegant way of combining the static meshes into one and with only specified materials and not the whole bunch of materials? Or should I go to SU and rearrange them to suit my needs.