Datasmith import from 3ds max: geometry issues, material gone


I wanted to reimport my datasmith scene because I made some changes to the geometry in 3ds max. But when I reimport, all the Unreal materials on the actors are gone, the reimported datasmith scene does not make use of the materials that I’ve set up earlier. It’s just blank. Why is that?

Also the even bigger problem: some of the objects from max spawn in complete irrational positions and rotations. I’m out of ideas, I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes geometry will disappear when reimporting, that can be fixed by reimporting again. But some of the objects, one in particular, keeps just spawning all over the place, floating somewhere randomly in the scene. What is going on with that geometry? I’ve reset the xform in max, made it poly, made a group, adjusted the pivot - I can’t find a solution. I’ve made an entire new file with the geometry that I need, same problem. I could reposition it manually, but that can’t be it.

Any ideas what could be wrong and why geometry coordinates are wrong and random?