Datasmith: Import CAD as Blueprint (with all actors in the scene as components)

Is it possible to import a CAD file with Datasmith and create a blueprint from it with all actors as blueprint components ?

The struct returned by Import Scene seems to suggests it is possible. I even get a valid UBlueprint from it, but I have no idea what to do to create and save an asset from it.

sadly this output pin is related to an old feature that is not supported anymore.

There is currently no option to convert your imported product tree in a blueprint as you would do through the “Import into level” option.
This is something that has been logged as a requested feature.

In the mean time you can select the top of the hierarchy in your world outliner, select all descendants (Ctrl+shift+d), and then “Convert Selected components to a Blueprint Class”

Thank you for the tip, didn’t know this option was there! This will do for now :slight_smile:

I had to look this up because it was so long ago since I used it, but this worked fine.

I know that automatic converting to a Blueprint Actor wasn’t a feature in regular Datasmith, but now when you are actively developing Dataprep, I hope that you would consider this as a worthy feature once more (especially with robust re-import support).