Datasmith from Cinema4d Inconsistency when looking to cook maps

I’ve recently been looking into creating archviz scenes from c4d to ue4 as datasmith has now been released.

We are looking at getting scenes working on Ipad, which has been a challenge, making sure our scenes are condensed and optimized before cooking to ipad, alot different to making it for mac.

As the general workflow is saving a cinema4d cineware file and bringing that in to ue4 via datasmith, i seem to get alot of errors when it comes to baking. I’m not quite sure why, but it feels like the datasmith data fails after a while. I cant reproduce the problem anytime i want so i can’t pin point what the problem is. It is really slowing down progress as it fails to cook and deploy due to errors. I shall post a photo of the errors. If you could think of any problems that may cause this. The geometry and materials etc are all still saved in the project. i can edit them etc, but it just won’t deploy 100% of the time.

Log attached, I’ve been building in frontend, i dont get errors building to ipad from the editor, but it doesn’t load anything from the editor because i think there is underlying errors as shown in the log. Its all to do with assets and materials. Although all are still in the project.