Datasmith from 3ds Max: Conflicts with Materials That Have "?" In The Material Name

I have a selection of materials that I’ve - for business reasons - included at least a single question mark (?) in the material name within 3ds Max.

I finally have been able to get the Studio Beta installed and I’ve been playing around with everything over the last week. I realized that I had a small number of materials that weren’t transferring over from Max and took the time to look into my Max file to see if I could figure out why that was. Turns out, every single material that I have put a question mark in the material name has this issue, and only those materials. Everything else transfers over to Unreal just fine via Datasmith. There are no error messages once the export for 3ds Max to .datasmith file format is complete, and no errors or mentions of a missing material once the .datasmith file is imported into the editor. In Unreal if I edit a particular mesh that I know is supposed to have one of these materials in question, the missing materials show up as a generic, checkerboard “WorldGridMaterial” as shown in the attached image - and the meshes have that same checkerboard material.

Thoughts? Is this just a glitch, or would it be best that I go through my various files and find a way to replace the various question marks from material names due to a fundamental reason that Unreal can’t handle question marks in material names? (I’ve tested this, and any materials where I replace the “?” with a “TBD” the materials show up perfectly upon re-importing via Datasmith.) It wouldn’t be impossible to update all of my file libraries…but would certainly take quite a bit of time. I’m hoping there’s a different solution.

Also, I’ve verified that if I export a mesh object from Max where the object has a “?” in the object name that there are no issues importing. The object imports and shows up in the editor just fine. So I find it interesting that there are issues with Materials, and not Objects.