Datasmith freezes while importing

Hey guys

The titel sums it up pretty much. If I want to import a *.c4d scene into UE5, UE freezes right at the beginning of the importing process, reight after the prompt where I’m asked, if I want to import lights, animations, materials, etc.
Funny thing is, that it worked like a month ago. I didn’t do an update (wether UE nor windows). In fact, I didn’t use my PC since then. I’m working mainly on a MAC; but that doesn’t plays a role here. Fact is, that the PC was de-facto shut down since then.
But now it it stopped working out of nothing.

When I open a project where I successfully imported a C4D asset before, change something in the original file and click “reimport” on the respective asset, UE freezes too.
Now, as it stopped working, I’ve updated windows, graphics drivers, and completely freshly installed UE5 (5.0.1) - but nothing helped.

My system: Windows 10, GeForce 3060 12GB, 64GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8 core 3.8 GHz, >180 GB free space on my m.2 SSD.

I appreciate every answer that could lead me in the direction of solving this problem.

Thank you a lot!


Can you share the two version of the c4d file for us to try reproduce?

Thank you for your reply! The thing is, that it even freezed with the most sinple scene setup of 3-4 standard geometry objects.

However, I don‘t know what happened. I don‘t know what changed. But it suddenly seems to work again. Even on my mac, flawless. Like there was never an issue. I have no explanation for that.
However, thank yoh for offering your help! I appreciate that!


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Check out this solution here: