Datasmith fpr Unreal 4.24 does nothing after importing any C4D File


I’ve upgraded to Unreal 4.24 recently which has the Datasmith Importer for C4D included in it. I’ve turned on the option to import C4D files on in Settings > Plugins > Check ‘Enabled’ for Datasmith C4D Import.

However, on trying to upload variety of .c4D files into unreal, nothing happens after hitting Import. I’ve even set up a simple cube with a single material in c4d and hit ‘Save Project for Cineware’ to see if that file would load and still no luck.

I’m using Cinema 4D R21.

Any help here would be much appreciated!


Have you saved the file for Cineware? And also enabled the options under Preferences/ Files in C4D?

Hey, I did - thanks for the reply. I just managed to fix this.

For some strange reason - possibly because the source folder was marked ‘read only’ - all c4d cineware files in that particular folder weren’t opening in Unreal with Datasmith.

I just opened a new folder and saved my Cineware files there and it was good to go in Unreal.