Datasmith for UE5?

Is Datasmith for UE5 already available?


What do you mean by that?

In Unreal Engine 5 Early Access, that was released last week, you should have access to datasmith.
For this version, you should expect same functionalities than in 4.26, modulo instabilities due to the merge and current EA focus that is not really enterprise.

Make sure you have the plugin enabled. Then you can access it through a dataprep asset or else it is no more an icon in the toolbar but in the Content submenu.



love it! thank you!

UNLESS you are working on macOS and guess what? No Datasmith.

Zero. Nada. Doesn’t exist for macOS.

We really need it because we have a lot of assets in Sketchup.

So, I for one, really would like to know when we will get Datasmith.

Is Datasmith in the UE5 somewhat less reliable than in UE4? I have problems with importing stuff from Revit 2021. Faulty reimports like that happen quite often.

@Czaja91 Hi

I’ve tried the re-import feature from 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino and Revit…
and all the model got miss-arrangement results,

so currently my workflow for re-import the model is partially delete the actor
(or the whole ds actor and its source folder if there’re many parts need to be replaced)

and then import a new ds file…

Hello Czaja91,

right now UE5 early access is targeted at games, to showcase new UX/UI and new features, it is to be considered experimental and it is not as stable as a normal release especially on datasmith features.
UE5 from github is work in progress so will also not be stable.

At the moment UE5 is for test purposes only, if you are doing critical/production ready work you should stick to 4.26.2 or 4.27.X when it will be released. You can always migrate 4.26 project to UE5 EA (4.27 to UE5 EA will not work).

Thank you for reporting, we need to keep an eye on those issues as we stabilise UE5.

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Really tough choice - experimental UE5, UE 4.27 with path-tracing (but non-migratable) or stable but limited UE 4.26 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation.

Everyone (me included) wants a stable UE5.0 but we all have to wait for next year :smiley:

Just to be clear, UE4.27 projects will be migratable to proper UE5 just not the early access version.